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Relevant is the writer's room for internationally recognized brands. Across video, podcast, newsletter and editorial, we focus on writing and curating standalone concepts that position our clients as thought leaders in their marketplace.



Advertising Copy

From original brief to final creative, we create impactful campaigns across web, social and print.


Podcast & Video Scripts

We help our clients write and produce innovative podcasts and video series that position them as leaders.


Product Editorial

For e-commerce brands, our product editorial is a go-to solution that showcases how the product was made, and why.



We help brands turn boring newsletters into standalone content destinations aimed at building community.


Brand Identity 101

In today's age, consumers want to align with the values of their favourite brands. That's why we go deep to uncover and restructure your core foundation.


Sales Pages & VSLs

Our proven 10-step sales page checklist never misses. From Subject Line to CTA, we take a psychological approach that makes the reader feel comfortable and confident.

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"Evan's expertise surpassed any creative director I have worked with in the past."

"A raw talent that can think outside the box and provide clear concepts to the target audience.  His communication to service providers (photographers, videographers and editors as well to your clientele when necessary) on his vision was unparalleled, his organization and effectiveness was very streamlined and high functioning. I highly recommend Evan and his services for anything to do with communications, marketing, creative design and sales techniques to boost your business and brand. Thank you for taking our brand and look to a new level."
Jamie-Lee Bongard, Keller Williams Realty
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Discovery Call

The first step in determining your marketing landscape. A discovery call allows us to scratch the surface in order to learn more about your business, your current systems and your goals. The next step is putting together a detailed proposal that makes sense for your business and budget.


Strategy Session

If you're already swimming in the content sphere, we'd love to dive in with you and support your efforts to scale your business. We take a writer's room approach to all of your creative. From brand ethos to strategy execution, we'll ensure that your brand ecosystem is thriving at its highest potential.  



Once we've discovered what makes your brand tick, we'll start implementing our strategies to elevate your brand across video, audio and editorial so your business connects with audiences the way it should. We'll become your marketing wing and guide you through every step of the way.


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